Prc License Verification For Cgfns Certification

Welcome to the final installment of our blog series on PRC license verification. In this post, we cover how to verify your current PRC license number for CGfns certification. Prc Certification is a third party accreditation. It provides education process rather than certifying specific skills or knowledge. You can get more information about this accreditation on their website . CGRFNS Certification is an electronic platform that provides certification of the skills acquired through practicum, internship, project work and continuous learning at your workplace. It helps you get more jobs at companies around the world. CGRFNS has 3 categories - A,B,C with 15 certification levels each. There are many certifications for each level where you need to pass all of them before you can be awarded the highest level certification - Platinum Plus award which requires 7 out of 10 final exams to be passed in order to sit for one single exam. The process of obtaining PRC License Verification would be divided into two parts - verification of your current PRC License Number on CGRFNS website and verification on CGRFNS website. Finally, the steps to successfully get verified are listed below: To get verified on prc license verification process, click this link . What you have to do is just click 'yes' to proceed with this step. You will required to fill some information including your name, email id, phone number etc. All information will be manually entered by the admin team there. Next, you will required to upload your photo. A sample image of the size you have to upload is posted in the link. After that you can click on a button 'Verify My License' in order to get verified. Finally, the admin team will review your profile and send you a confirmation message when they got everything right. Some states might need additional information for verification for your license verification which might take longer time to get verified. CGRFNS website In this process, prc license verification is done same as what was mentioned above in the previous method but only difference lies in uploading of documents required for verification of prc certification from CGRFNS website itself instead of uploading from personal computer or mobile device. For this, you will required to access the CGRFNS website . This requires you to fill in some information including your name, email id, phone number etc. All information will be manually entered by the admin team there. Then, in order to get verified there are a few steps you have to follow:

After filling in the above information and if everything is correct you will immediately see an 'Authorization Required' message with a link to authorize your request from CGRFNS Admin Team which will allow you to get verified for prc license verification purposes from them.


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